A 'pocket law firm' is a growing trend in legal management. It is directly connected to the fact that many legal professionals nowadays gain access to their entire law firm – the corporate network, litigation support and case management systems, and sensitive data – on the go.

Such high mobility, while bringing an array of benefits to the employees, can pose significant risks, which often are the results of human negligence or error. This can include data leaks, forwarding confidential documents to personal email accounts, loss or even theft of devices that may not be password-protected.

ME is uniquely positioned to help legal firms timely safeguard their company and clients’ information, address risks of data leaks during the information exchange via mobile devices and ensure compliance with legal practices and regulations.

Financial Services Industry

For Financial Service Industry disclosure of confidential financial data can turn into a nightmare and a costly headache. At the same time FSI organizations are facing challenges related to regulatory compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulations, security of non-public financial data and other sensitive documents, mobility of workforce and BYOD practices.

ME offers a powerful end-to-end protection for the FSI enterprises who have a large number of mobile devices in circulation. ME provides such companies with safer and more productive business environment across mobile devices, apps, network, and data.


The proliferation of mobile and tablet devices in the educational area and their role as a central repository for all type of learning content has created a lot of benefits but at the same times challenges since these devices are filled with sensitive student, medical and financial information. In addition, there is no required level of visibility into students’ activities to secure potential areas of vulnerability.

Educational institutions will highly benefit from a unified solution to address their concerns to protect their students’ wellbeing as well as their personal data.

ME is uniquely positioned to support such objectives. It allows real-time monitoring of students’ activities, timely threat identification, at the same time ensuring compliance with education rights, privacy acts and other regulations.


Professionals of the road transportation industry face a host of dynamic risk issues such as fleet safety, claims administration, driver hiring and retention, and compliance and regulations. Failure to sufficiently address any of these issues can significantly impact the financial and operational health of a transportation business.

ME is a feature-rich solution that gives logistics companies a complete visibility into the location of their fleet and employees, ensures their safety and facilitates many operational procedures, like vehicles’ check-ins at the end of the transportations, safety and loss prevention and others.


Due to the highly competitive retail landscape, retail companies have growing concerns about a broader spectrum of risks, including those related to the supply chain, operations, regulation and reputation. In addition, many retailers are awash in customer data, however maintaining it and ensuring enhanced data management capabilities can be of a challenge. Securing customer data is one of the top priorities for retails since their reputation is partly depended on these as well.

ME offers retail companies a broad-level visibility into potential risk areas to protect their customer data, employee data, financial information and, in some cases, medical data. In addition, ME is a great tool to monitor any instances of unethical behavior and manage productivity among retail staff.


The employee monitoring programmes are getting more and more prevalent in the government sector as it is highly vulnerable to information leaks and human factor risks. Misuse and abuse of the internet, e-mail, social networks can result in costly headaches, like damaged reputation or decline in profitability. Without covert monitoring technology, few government agencies believe they can gain an accurate perspective on employee habits and the risks they may be presenting.

ME offers government agencies and institution a highly effective and a non-intrusive way to conduct employee monitoring program, specifically targeting the use and potential abuse of mobile devices. ME is a great tool to conduct complete audit of employees’ activities on mobile devices for instant control and business security.