Whatever your requirement or budget, ME can meet it while ensuring safe and secure environment for all your monitoring needs.

We have a flexible pricing model allowing ME to fully match your enterprise objectives and at a price that you will find highly affordable.

With the support of our dedicated team of experts, you can expect a high-quality product and service customised to your requirements.


We strive to deliver great smartphone monitoring software at competitive prices, backed up by bespoke customer support.
Contact us from any part of the globe and we will respond swiftly.

Dedicated Support Team

When you purchase Mobile Employee, not only do you purchase highly advanced monitoring software, you also get premium support from our Customer Service team. They will have your back no matter what at locations worldwide, constantly monitoring ME performance and timely responding to your queries. On-demand technical and administrative support is also available.


While Mobile Employee has an extensive range of monitoring features, you may need extra functionality to meet your specific business needs. Feature customisation is available upon request and our team of technical experts will be delighted to hear about your requirements and ideas for ME application. Please briefly specify what type of customization is required when completing the Contact form.

Private Cloud

Cloud hosting is the traditional deployment model for Mobile Employee as it delivers better value from company’s budgets while offering speed and agility at affordable cost. We take security of your information very seriously, so all data transactions between your corporate devices and the cloud are 100% encrypted and secure. If you are interested in the server deployment, please specify this in the Contact form and our expert will get back to you.


Whether you need advice about the right way of starting an employee monitoring program in your company, or would like to look into the infrastructure optimization before making a decision, simply let us know. Our team of experts can help you with multiple aspects of ME deployment to ensure the best results for you and your business.

Product Functionality &
Software Upgrade

We are constantly looking at ways to improve our product and service. You will be timely notified about upcoming product updates and upgrades. You don't need to worry about the impact of such activities on your monitoring program as our support team will be there for you.


You can choose from a wide range of materials to help you learn about the power of ME. In addition we will be happy to come up with customised solutions, e.g. training courses and workshops on the employee monitoring programme deployment and management which can be held onsite or online.