Privacy Policy

Mobile Employee Legal obligations
Acquiring Mobile Employee and creating an account user undertakes to accept all the terms mentioned below, as well as the User Legal Agreement.

Privacy Policy
This policy defines the way we protect user personal data collected and stored via Mobile Employee.
The following points are established:

• What kind of personal data is collected from user via Mobile Employee, the way it is used and shared.
• Variants of usage of user's data available to user.
• Security measures to protect user's information.
• Ways to correct any imprecision that might be found in the information.

Retention Policy
This policy is a set of guidelines followed by Mobile Employee to control the rules and terms of retention. This document is obligatory for all Mobile Employee customers who use or plan to use the Mobile Employee software. It applies to all user-related information which has been and/or will be provided and collected within the period of the Mobile Employee software usage. The information mentioned above is to be stored by Mobile Employee during the period of Mobile Employee application plus ninety extra days after user's account will expire. After the 90-days period user's information will be completely deleted, including all account data like media, text and received logs. This data cannot be restored.

Confidentiality and Privacy Statement
Mobile Employee is the exclusive owner of the data stored on this website and can only access and collect data that has been provided voluntarily by the user via email or otherwise. Mobile Employee undertakes not to rent, sell or otherwise abuse the received information.

Mobile Employee undertakes not to provide or delegate this data to third parties, unless it will be required by exposure to a customer,
e.g. to send an order. The provided information will be used only to render the services requested by the customer.

Placing an order on the Mobile Employee software customer has to full fill our order form. This procedure is required to enable customer provide personal data featuring contact and financial information to our company in a secure way. This data is needed for contact and billing purposes only.

Mobile Employee provides an optional e-newsletter subscription to its customers featuring news about services and products, special offers, alterations to the privacy policy.

User rights regarding access and control of data
Any user's information may be retrieved from us by the user at any time. User may contact us at any time via phone or email, which are provided on our website, and request the following:

• See any data we have about the user;
• Correct or change any personal user-related data we have;
• Delete any personal user's data;
• As well as, user may express worry about the way their personal data is used.