Interaction scheme

ME is a way to supervise and manipulate a lot of mobile devices through one control panel.
Once ME is deployed you get full access to all corporate devices and applications.


The administrator or any authorized employee can access all device logs and information about employees at any time.


Within short time ME uploads all the necessary information about devices and employees to the server where the data is kept protected, secured &backed up.


Customer buys the ME product and installs the software on corporate devices with our Support team assistance.

Administration panel

ME administration panel is user-friendly, intuitive and can be customized to suit user’s needs. Have a look at some of the screenshots below.


Get a complete overview of all the employees' mobile activities.

View emails

Feel safe knowing you will easily see any suspicious email activity.

View contacts

Rest assured knowing that there is always a back-up of all contacts from any employee's device.

View locations

Locate any lost or stolen phone and always know where your employees are.

View events

Always know your most proactive employees by gaining access to their busy calendars.

Manage groups

Create groups of users and easily manage entire teams by applying relevant labels.

Search by user

Take seconds to locate a specific member of your staff with user-friendly search capability.

Monitor Skype chats

Timely address any potentially dangerous information exchange taking place over Skype. *iPhone/iPad only